• Dan Lungu, in dialogue at the Passa Porta International Festival of Literature
    2015/03/27 14:29

    Dan Lungu, one of the most known contemporary Romanian writer will take part at the fifth edition of the Passa Porta International Festival of Literature, in Bruxelles.

    Sunday, 29.03.2015, 13.oo-14.oo, Dan Lungu and Czech writer Jií Hájíek will debate on the conflict between the challeges of present and the nostalgia for the past. A conversation with two convincing voices from Eastern Europe who both make communist history the subject of their novels. Hájíek wrote an award-winning novel on the collectivization of agriculture while Lungu drew international attention with his excellent satire Sint o baba comunista! / Im a communist biddy! . Moderator: Peter Vermeersch.

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