• New entry on our website: "In the Land of God"
    2012/10/24 14:56

    A new title was added on our website:  In the Land of God/ In tara lui Dumnezeu by Tatiana Niculescu Bran

    André is ten and has come to spend his holiday with his father, a French diplomat in the Horn of Africa. The boy discovers a fairy-tale world: on one hand, the army fighting the Somali pirates, on the other, the ancient race of the Afars. He befriends an Afar girl, Hani, who is going to be put through a forbidden ritual, inherited from the Egyptian Pharaohs. While the children re-enact scenes from Star Wars and find their first love, around them reality takes a brutal turn: the Arab revolution is about to begin, the girl is taken to a forest where she will be subjected to the ritual genital excision, and André is sent back to France on a military plane...

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