• Romanian writers at the 16th International Book Festival Budapest
    2009/04/22 06:04

    Between 24th and 26th of April, the Romanian writers Gabriela Adameşteanu, Florina Ilis, Adela Greceanu, Ruxandra Cesereanu, Radu Aldulescu, Filip Florian, Bogdan Suceavă, Lucian Dan Teodorovici and Florin Lăzărescu will participate at the International Book Festival Budapest.

    Friday, 24 April, stand 2

    11.oo, stand 2: Conversation with Florina Ilis. Presenter: Gabriella Koszta. Participants: Florina Ilis and Márta Józsa
    12.oo, stand 2: Presentation of Radu Aldulescu’s books
    15.oo, stand 2: Debate - The role of translation in the process of international recognition. Participants: Gabriela Adameşteanu, Farkas Jeno and Takacs Ferenc


     Saturday, 25 April

    11.oo, stand 2: Presentation of Twentieth Century Romanian Short Stories, published by Noran Kiadó in its Modern Decameron series, with reading and contributions by Bogdan Suceavă and Ruxandra Cesereanu.Presenter: József P. Kőrössi. Participants: the authors and editor Júlia Vallasek

    12.00 – 13.00, Kner Imre Hall: Presentation of Bogdan Suceavă’s novel, Coming from an Off Key Time, hosted by Lajos Parti Nagy
    Presenter: Annamaria Pop

    14.30, Lázár Ervin Hall: Adela Greceanu’s novel, The Bride with the Red Socks, at the European First Novel Festival. Presenter: Anna Gács

    14.30, Open-air Theatre: Presentation of Filip Florian’s novel, The Days of the King. Participants: the author, translator Zsolt Karácsonyi and György Dragomán

    16.oo, stand 2: Reading by Ruxandra Cesereanu. Presenter: Anna Szabó T.

    16.oo, Open-air Theatre: Presentation of Florin Lazarescu’s novel, Our Special Envoy. Presenter: Péter I. Rácz. Participants: the author, translator Ferenc Vincze, editor Antal Bognár and actor András Nagy

    17.oo, stand 2: Conversation with Gabriela Adameşteanu hosted by Péter Esterházy. Presenter: József Kőrössi P.


    Sunday, 26 April

    15.oo, stand 2: Presentation of Lucian Dan Teodorovici’s novel, Our Circus Presents:. Participants: the author and and Farkas Jeno.

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