Dan Lungu

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Critics about

Short stories, "Ego. Prose" series, Polirom, 2005, 240 pages

Copyright: Polirom

Translation rights sold to: Drava Verlag (Austria), Antonios Stamoulis (Greece)

Critics about

“Dan Lungu offers us splendid prose about the hidden frissons of everyday life. It is admirably written, half in the tone of an ironic poem, half in the tone of Joycean epic.”

(Radu G. ŢEPOSU)

“With the verve of a great storyteller, Dan Lungu makes me see him as a Creangă schooled in sociology, as elevated but at the same time a peddler of low talk coupled with scintillating irony and humour, as an intellectual sceptic. You can take my word for it, but even better would be to see for yourselves.”


“Reading Dan Lungu is like looking at a fireworks display. The dazzling intelligence, sagacity and sometimes maliciousness evident in his understanding of the human soul, as well as his sober, muscular lyricism, are engaging.”



“Dan Lungu has abandoned the platoon of ‘promising youth’ and is already an important writer, whose books have, as was only natural, already crossed the border out of Romania.”

(Cătălin STURZA)

“He strikes more powerfully than it might seem at first glance. His scalpel insidiously cuts beneath the mask of detached narrative, defying literary trends. Perhaps this is what we have been in need of: prose writers who see and hear, who X-ray a world that is out of joint.”


“He has the sure hand of a true writer: he is a master of the word, phrase and construction; he gives no verdicts; he doesn’t leave the stitches showing. (…) Dan Lungu is a genuine prose writer.”

(Mircea A. DIACONU)


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