Norman Manea

short prose, The Norman Manea author series, Polirom Publishing House, 2008

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This rich and fascinating volume collects splendid short prose from The Night on the Long Edge (1969), The First Gates (1975), and October, eight o’clock (1st edition : 1981, 2nd edition: 1997). The narratives “A Sentimental Education”, “A Reading in Kinderland” and “Lunar Nights” appear for the first time in a Romanian volume.


“Describing and scrutinizing the biographic journey of the same narrator, as central character – in many respects similar, without ever being identical, to the author himself – these linked sketches and novellas can ultimately be seen as a hypothetical ‘Bildungsroman.’ Fragments of a broader epic they immerse the reader in the formation and deformation of a sensibility, from a troubled childhood in a concentration camp or the theatrical revival in the first postwar years to a solitary maturity searching for hope and happiness in the narrow frame of a perverse, Byzantine communist dictatorship.” (Norman Manea)


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