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“Halt!” said the goddess of hunting in front of a fishmonger’s: in the enormous aquarium in the window was a throng of fish, a dense shoal of flesh, slowly moving in formation, now to the right, now to the left, each time bumping their snouts against the glass. “Come on, buy me a fish!”
“But what do you need one for?” said Pavel, surprised. “You could have bought one ready cooked from the restaurant!”
“Just because! I need one!” she flung the words over her shoulder as she entered the shop.

Venea din timpul diez
Si Hams Si Regretel
 Arhiva tradarii si a miniei
Felii de lamiie
Hai să furăm pepeni
Atunci i-am ars două palme
parteneri parteneri parteneri parteneri

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